Vietnam House Building

In a group of around 20 students, we went to a rural area in Vietnam to help build a house.

Transhumanism and Posthumanism Research Essay

For ASTU100, I wrote a research essay on the transhuman and posthuman identities observed in the novel Frankenstein.

Data Analysis Programming of World Happiness Ranking

I wrote a program in Python which generated a chart based on the raw data of the World Happiness Ranking 2017 to compare relative factors of happiness across North American countries.

"Minor Metamorphosis" Video Appropriation Project

A 24 second video edited through Adobe Premiere Pro synthesizing material from 2 magical girl anime clips and 1 movie.

Multi Media Storytelling

3 short stories complimented by 2-3 images and/or gifs posted on tumblr.

Intern at Hong Kong Education University

Internship at Hong Kong Education University (SPFEO) in 2015, processing data and making calls.