Intern at Hong Kong Education University

Internship at Hong Kong Education University (SPFEO) in 2015, processing data and making calls.

At the Hong Kong Education University, I was employed as an intern at the School Partnership and Field Experience Office. My tasks included the following:

  1. Make calls to students of the university as a representative of the SPFEO for followup on programs and fees.
  2. Processing data from Excel, including summarizing student feedback, data entry, and data analysis.
  3. Filing letters and documents into organized folders.

Skills used and challenges:

  • Data processing: A large part of my task was to check data and work with Excel files. I learned how to use functions and formatting to make the data processing easier. In addition, I had to summarize student comment feedback from a large body of data which exercised my ability to get the general message from individual opinions.
  • Communication: As a liaison representing an academic institute,  it was important that I used communication mannerisms that were efficient and professional.
    • Challenge--Professional Conversation: Because this was my first time acting as a liaison, I lacked the skill to flexibly change my tone and word choice from a conversational to a formal one simply off the top of my head. To solve this inadequacy, I wrote out a formal conversation template to be followed in my calls. After a few more calls, I was gradually able to grasp the essence to go about the conversation without relying on the written template, and gained the skill of professional communication.

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Learning Significance

  1. Human and Machine: I learned that data analysis is a complex process that takes more than computers summarizing results. Oftentimes computers had a lot of errors even if they processed information systematically, which is why humans are important in the process of double checking data insertions, and also the task of summarizing comments is only achievable (currently) by the human mind.