Hi there! My name is Emily Kwong, and I am a undergraduate Bachelor of Media Studies student at UBC. You are currently accessing my online portfolio.

In this portfolio, you will find:

  • Visual Artwork: Produced in traditional and digital formats, I have experimented with a wide range of mediums and continue to challenge myself through applying different softwares and technical methods.
  • Written work: As a Media Studies student, many of my course assignments are highly involved with printed composition. I have written in several genres of composition, including research essays and multimedia storytelling.
  • Volunteer experience: I have volunteered and worked with many different groups of people in global and local settings.  A particularly memorable experience for me was building a house in Vietnam.
  • Work experience: Most of my work experience has been in the field of data entry and processing, in addition I have basic knowledge in programming for data analysis.

Skill highlights:

  • Well-rounded: I am pursuing a wide range of fields not limited to the BMS degree, which mainly consists of art courses, but I am also considering another bachelor degree in Computer Science. Currently, I am beginning the process of making connections between my arts and science courses. For example, my theoretical writing about technology is complimented by my programming experience.
  • Multilingual: I can speak and write English and Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin) fluently.
  • Creative work: In my free time outside of academics, I work on a large range of art projects. Click here to see my visual arts focused portfolio.

Contact details: 


Download my resume here: Resume_Emily Kwong

I hope you enjoy your time on this site!